The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a video clip in which two soldiers were seen maltreating a physically challenged person for allegedly wearing a camouflage shirt.

We wish to inform the public that the incident took place on Tuesday 7th February 2017, at Onitsha, Anambra State.

In line with our zero tolerance for acts of indiscipline and unprofessional conducts especially in relation to violation of human rights, we wish to further state that the soldiers involved have since been identified and apprehended.

They have also been charged for assault by their Commanding Officer.

Similarly, troops have been warned to desist from such acts that infringe on human rights and cast serious aspersions on the good image of the Nigerian Army.

The public should please regard this ugly incident as an isolated case which is not true reflection of the Nigerian Army.

You are kindly requested to disseminate this information to the public through your medium.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman
Director Army Public Relations


  1. Saviour

    it will also be better the Army inform the public about their position about the wearing of the said comouflags by members of the public whether it is allowed because this is one area some young boys in the organization has been mistreating members of the public all the time. Thanks

    1. Ahile Emma

      Wearing a uniform which does not belong to you is an offence, a very capital offence. That is inpersenation. Therefore, punishment should be on such offenders there is no two way about it. Those impersenating to be army officers when they are not, when caught should be dealt with to serve as an example to others. So punishing those officers because of impersenators is not right rather they would have been promoted for their good work of checking crime. does it mean those using comaflag does not have any other wear than that uniform? You can not be a Medical doctor but be wearing thearter dresses, carrying stethoscope and surgical equipments about. Nigerians please, be aware of this.

  2. Dennis Jay

    The Nigerian Army should respect those whom they are paid to protect not maltreat them as they are also part of the population of Nigeria. There is nothing different between the military men and women and their fellow Nigerians who can also protect them in many cases as the Army also need the cooperation of the civilians in some cases to win many insecurity cases that are facing us all as a nation. Until these ruthless soldiers are identified and shown to the public and later prosecuted can many of us believe that they are for our good as a nation.

  3. Jude

    Good to hear the soldiers have been apprehended, but by this time,I expect that all verifiable information about them should have been made public.

  4. Oyeyemi Abioye

    My question is; is it illegal to wear camouflage? because I have seen military personnel harassing people on this which I don’t see outside Nigeria

  5. olawole kayode emmanuel

    but, please Sir, help us to announce that wearing soldiers uniform is not general for civilians, because some civilians are using that uniform to steal even ride,
    because that’s what boko-haram also wearing to cause problem.
    as they punished those soldiers now, some civilians will be happy and be wearing carmo-flag any how.
    thank sir.

  6. dare jaye

    morning sir,i support what olawole kayode emmanuel said corcening the carmo the nigerian civillian put on it is very bad of them some boys use the carmo to beat people any how maltreat them and even travel in a bus without paying a dime…..pls help us warn the civilians doing this or better all the nigerian army should put on id card if they are a true nigerian army….thanks sir am an applicant in the nigerian air force 2017 in shallahu…..amen

  7. Olalekan

    Am in support of what you said Mr. Kayode, no civilian should put on military carmo no matter what! Even the face cap or the desert camo shouldn’t be seen on any civilian…its impersonation and defamation of the Nigerian army!

  8. Salimon

    That one is bad for civilian to be wearing uniform that doesn’t belong to them I tinker this one is very bad but is gotv that will inpliment it that no civilian is permitted to wearing camor if u are not military again thank

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