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As an aftermath of sustained air and land operations of the ongoing Operation YANCIN TAFKI, information from captured and defected Boko Haram fighters indicates that the leadership of Boko Haram terror network has been overwhelmed and are currently in disarray. The former fighters who are receiving humane attention further divulged that morale and fighting spirit of Boko Haram fighters is very low as a result of growing insecurity and the inability to replenish stranded fighters in the islands with food, medicine and ammunition.

It would be recalled that an integral part of Operation YANCIN TAFKI has been a series of well coordinated day and night Human Intelligence as well as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions conducted by the Air Forces of the Lake Chad Basin countries; Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria, leading to successful and devastating air interdictions which have destroyed Boko Haram logistic facilities and fighters in TUMBUM GINI, ABADAM, AREGE, TUMBUN REGO and DAGAYA environs between 7 and 11 March 2019 . Additionally, In the last 4 weeks of the Operation, about 70 Boko Haram vehicles; mostly Gun Trucks, facilities; such as fuel dumps, weapons and ammunition have been destroyed.

Furthermore, since the commencement of OPERATION YACIN TAFKI several terrorists have surrendered while others are battle – weary and have indicated interest to surrender. Morale of fighters is at its lowest, while desperation has also set in, leading to intrigues and in-fighting. Reliable sources say internal crisis led to change of Boko Haram leadership on 3 March 2019, it could be recalled that the Islamic State West Africa Province announced the sack of the former Boko Haram Chief, Abu Mus’ab AL Barnawi and the appointment of Abu Abdullahi Ibn Umar AL Barnawi.

The frequent execution of Boko Haram Commanders and fighters which have been observed in the past few months as well as the recent replacement of its leadership are clear indications of the effectiveness of recent past and ongoing OPERATION YACIN TAFKI. The Multinational Joint Task Force is therefore poised to sustain current operations until Boko Haram capitulates and its leadership brought to justice.

Please, disseminate this information to the general public.

Colonel Timothy Antigha
Chief of Military Public Information, MNJTF
N’Djamena – Chad