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The world today is constantly evolving and as such mankind is expected to evolve with it. The ability to move with this pace and catch up with trends gives an individual the edge to embrace change. As a huge factor, the Nigerian Army established Nigerian Army Cyber Warfare Command (NACWC). This came at a time when propaganda and fake news trailed the fight against insurgency and other political happenings. The Command was tasked to protect data space and prevent cyber terrorism.

NACWC has birthed three leaderships and has Maj Gen A Adamu as its current Commander. Gen Adamu was appointed Commander in Mar 2021 and has since shown his exemplary leadership style and transformation prowess. He was instrumental to the creation of satellite communications vehicles to fight terrorism and banditry causing mayhem in the country. As part of his approach to do right by the Command, He pioneered the development of solar farm that was commissioned in Jan 2022. The solar farm was created as an alternative power source for the Command in order to meet its mandate. The Commander also played a role in the establishment of Nigerian Army Cyber Warfare School. The school would enable continuous training among the staff of the Command and the NA at large.


The importance of Cyber Warfare Command cannot be overempahsised. While this is noted, it is also important to note that leadership plays an important role in the success of any course. Maj Gen Adamu has not only displayed that act, but has also shown his constant need for transformation in order to meet up with trends.