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TradocThe Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) Nigerian Army (NA) was established as a senior think-tank of the Nigerian Army in 1981. It is located in Minna Niger State. Minna which is the capital of Niger state is on 3.200 east and longitude 11.30o north. Minna is about 150km away from the Federal Capital and is endowed with arable land that is good for farming and animal husbandry.

TRADOC is reputably known as the alternate NA Headquarters and offers advices, ideas and probable solutions to training and operational challenges of the NA. When numerous divisions are committed concurrently in the field, TRADOC automatically acts as a Corps Headquarters to coordinate, direct and control operational exigencies of the divisions.

As part of its core functions, TRADOC superintends and supports military training to ensure quality and relevance, and coordinates research and development efforts of the NA corps and schools. Furthermore, it develops and evaluates doctrine, force structure and ensures the implementation of AHQ policies on training and R&D. To ensure the professional development of NA personnel, TRADOC updates and produces training manuals, examination modules, and prepares and conducts promotion examinations for the personnel.

Likewise, TRADOC coordinates the testing and evaluation of newly acquired operational equipment and acts generally as a quality manager for the NA in liaison with corps, schools and other relevant establishments. It ensures the professional development of junior leaders on broad and specific core competencies that could shape and prepare them for future challenges. Broadly speaking, TRADOC NA works at preparing the NA in concurrence with other arms and services to succeed in land component, joint and combined warfare.

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